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Infrastructure Team Lead

Posted on: 01-10-2017 Company: buzinessware Job Location: Nashik Back to listings

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    5 year
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Job Description

Job Description

Data Loss Prevention Symantec
Digital Rights Management/Rights Management Systems
Software- and/or hardware-based Full Disk Encryption and/or file-based encryption
Email encryption (TLS, S/MIME, PGP)
Antimalware components
Firewalls and traffic filtering systems
IPS/IDS systems
RBAC and ACL management systems
Hardening of physical, virtual and cloud systems (including those in AWS, Azure and GCP)
Vulnerability scanners
Penetration testing tools
Log collection and log management systems (e.g. Splunk)
Familiarity with the TCP/IP stack sufficient tidentify and troubleshoot problems
Familiarity with Windows debugging/troubleshooting toolset (e.g. Procmon, Procexp, Autoruns, WinDbg, NetMon/MMA/Wireshark)
Experience in configuring and maintaining Active Directory (e.g. DNS, PKI, GP, ADFS, AD hardening, etc.)
Scripting or declarative languages (e.g. PowerShell, VB, Bash, SQL, regex, etc.)

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